Sushi Nigiri with Sweety Pep from top chef Serge


500 g special rice for sushi
60 ml rice vinegar
600 ml water
Roasted Sweety Pep red and yellow pepper
Nori seaweed sheets
Soy sauce


Cook the rice in 600 ml water and 60 ml rice vinegar. Once the rice is ready we make little bite size balls using our hands, first wet your hands a bit to avoid rice getting stuck to your fingers. This will be the basis for the nigiris. Cut roasted peppers in the same size as the rice ball and cover these with the red and yellow pieces of peppers. Cut with a scissors little strips of nori seaweed, enough to cover the rice perpendicularly with the piece of pepper. Make as many as you wish. Place them in a tray or plate and serve with a little bowl with soy sauce to dip in and a bit of wasabi paste aside.
Use chopsticks to eat them, if you dare!

Incredibly delicious and sooo sweet!

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